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The activist and investigator in the fight againstt poverty and inequalities, Albert Sales, exposes that being in the streets doesn't mean having any social pathology or a bad life, but current society organization exclude those who don't have easy access to resources. We need to keep in mind daily politics and the power relationships we establish. Therefore, it is everyone responsibility to create a more fair society for everyone. We must assume that there is no difference in lifestyles; ending up living on the street is caused by different and varied factors, and it is possible that tomorrow it will affect many others.

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6 December, 2019

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We offer educators a series of activities that aim to delve into the scope of homelessness and facilitate the work on videos related to this topic. These activities can be adapted for your individual needs and are mainly intended for 12 to 18 year olds. Consult our educational material about homelessness to work education in values ​​with your students.
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