Ebola, the disease of the poor

In July 2014 there were 2000 Ebola cases in Sierra Leone. In July 2015 there have been only one. Things are getting better, but the country still needs help to develop their health services. Most of the hospitals still have no water or electricity, and the health workers don't count with proper facilities for their protection and training. People are still afraid to go to a hospital, and many health workers want to leave for the same reason. The government established a two-year plan to guarantee the country reconstruction. Also, protocols and policies have been created to control the disease, with two priorities: worker and patient security and reopening the schools, which closed for a whole year.

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Questions to think about

  • Why do you think they still need help?
  • How do you think the impact left behind in a country like Sierra Leone once Ebola is considered under control (closed companies, many orphan children, fear of the population, etc.) can be copied?