Life and death are part of the essence of every living thing. Everyone has the right to receive adequate pain treatment and comprehensive palliative care and to endure the process of death with dignity. However, death has been and is a taboo subject in our society that little by little seeks to reintroduce awareness of this fact.

Educational Material on End of Life Care and Palliatives

We offer educators a series of activities that aim to delve into the scope of migration and facilitate the work on videos related to this topic. These activities can be adapted for your individual needs and are mainly intended for 12 to 18 year olds.


Consejos sobre uso del material

All the material is for public use and is proposed as a set of activities that are easy to carry out in different spaces and moments. At the end of each activity, you will find a box with ideas and discussion topics to help you get more out of the proposal. However, our goal is to offer a variety of activities for educators to adapt to their own needs and possibilities.

It is recommended to watch some of the beats on the scope of end of life care and palliatives before doing the activities.

Objetivos didácticos

  • To approach the subject of end of life care in order to break the social taboo on this topic
  • To understand the scope of palliative care
  • To reflect on how we live and accompany people during their final moments
  • To address and humanize the different realities and to share experiences and opinions
  • To be aware of how we deal with losses and how we live with the topics of life and death

Competencias relacionadas

  • Competence in linguistic communication
  • Information processing and digital competence
  • Citizen and social competence
  • Cultural and artistic competence
  • Competence for learning to learn
  • Autonomy and personal initiative