Videos on dependency

Age, illness, or other circumstances may limit the autonomy of some people, either temporarily or permanent, creating the need for special care. Attention to people in situations of dependence is one of the greatest challenges in our society, due to the demographic and social changes of recent years.

The role of caregivers

Only 26% of dependents are in residencies, nearly 46% (and 47% of the severe cases) are cared for by their relatives.

El País, 03/06/2017


You are a professor?

We offer educators a series of activities that aim to delve into the scope of the elderly and dependency and facilitate the work on videos related to this topic. These activities can be adapted for your individual needs and are mainly intended for 12 to 18 year olds.Consult our educational material about elderly and dependency to work education in values ​​with your students.
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