Beats seeks reflection and civil awareness on situations of vulnerability and social exclusion.

Experiences that Transform

In addition to the video testimonials from people that are in directly involved with these situations, we want to provoke reflection and citizen involvement to promote a change of attitudes and values that will lead us to a more just and inclusive society.

Beats also offers extra resources to delve into the topics we introduce. If you are a teacher, you will also find educational materials for your students.

Beats are people that look in the mirror to ask questions. Beats listen to talk. Beats feel to act. Beats are experiences that transform.

We are Moved by the Facts that Really Matter

The Hospital Order of St. John of God (San Juan de Dios), with over 500 years of history, maintains with conviction and respect the value of hospitality as the essential core of its activity: it welcomes, accompanies and engages with those who need it most.

It currently has 400 health and social centers in 53 countries to care for those who are vulnerable or at risk of social exclusion. From working with the most vulnerable groups, we believe that raising awareness and social mobilization are key to breaking the social stigma that often affects the people we care for in our centers.

Solidaridad San Juan de Dios